About Yukiguni Black Tea

About Yukiguni Black Tea

Japanese black tea refers to black tea made from domestic tea leaves (green tea).

Japanese black tea of Murakami, which was exported to the United States and Russia in the Meiji era and gained popularity. But it was erased and forgotten as the world situation changed.

100 years later, Japanese black tea of Murakami was revived again by the Takeshi Iijima, the 6th-generation in Fujimien.

Compared to foreign products with a strong aroma and astringency such as Darjeeling and Assam, it has less astringency and a mellow taste.
It is made from green tea, which is familiar to Japanese people, so even if they drink it for the first time, they can feel nostalgic about the taste.

Japanese black tea is becoming more and more popular now among Japanese people because of the aroma and taste that can soften people’s hearts.