What is “U+RooLee” ?

Our brand “U+RooLee” named after the sound of

the Japanese word   “Yururi(ゆるり)”.

This word has many meanings, 

so the English language has no word corresponding to it.

Sometimes it describes a slow or leisurely pace or other times

it expresses a peaceful, informal and relaxed state of mind.

In the modern world of globalization and the Internet, 

perhaps you should stop walking even for just a short while.

Look back your own life and path, take time to contemplate

and give yourself some breathing space. 

We suggest the “U+RooLee” life.




Second Quarter Started

If I notice, it’s already July this year. Our company also entered the second quarter and changed to a new entrance decoration for summer season. We couldn’t even move due to COVID-19, but recently the Japanese business has begun to move slowly. It’s an unpredictable situation, but we are working to prevent the spread of infection in Japan while feeling the joy of working. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all medical staff, and pray that everyone will have a saf […]

Happy New Year 2020 !

Happy new year 2020 ! Japan is a memorable Olympic year.Let’s do our best not to lose to Olympic athletes. The entrance has become a New Year’s decoration Previous Next


We participated in ” Taiwan Int’l Coffee Show” from Nov 15 to 19. First of all, we were surprised by many visitors and understood Taiwanese passion for coffee. In addition to ” U+RooLee” and “Slow & Mellow”, we introduced ” Coffee Bean” and ” Herbal Tea” made in Japan. We were very pleased with the high evaluation of design and taste. We will introduce it on our website later. Looking forward to !!! Previous Next

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