About Murakami Tea

About Murakami Tea

“Murakami tea” is one of the famous teas that has been popular as a local green tea in Japan for many years.

In general, tea is cultivated in warm regions. We cannot say climate of Murakami is suitable for tea cultivation due to the snow that accumulates for several months and the short daylight hours.

The history of Murakami tea, the northern limit of commercial tea plantation in Japan, dates back about 400 years.
The people of Murakami continued to grow tea for many years.

Thanks to numerous improvements, Murakami’s tea plantation continued to produce new shoots despite the large difference in temperature between day and night. 

On the contrary, that difference in temperature brings out the sweetness of the tea, while the short daylight hours suppresses the content of tannin, which is a source of astringency. 

Murakami tea becomes a mellow tea with less astringency.